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How to Charge an EV at Home

How to Charge an EV at Home EV drivers experience immense satisfaction with the convenience of at-home charging. Most owners juice up their vehicle at home using a Level 1...

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EV tax credit

How to Claim the EV Tax Credit

How to Claim the EV Tax Credit Executive Summary: The federal EV tax credit, available to buyers of qualifying electric vehicles (EVs), offers up to $7,500 in tax incentives. The...

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Tips for Charging a Chevy Bolt EV

8 Tips for Charging your Chevy Bolt EV America’s most affordable electric vehicle (EV) is the Chevy Bolt. This sleek model features cutting-edge technology, allowing it to handle all three...

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EV Charging Levels

EV Charging Levels Purchasing an electric vehicle means that you will never again have to pay at the pump to fill up your car.  This will not only save you...

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EV Charging at Home

EV Charger Installation Cost

How much does it cost to install an EV charger? Electric vehicles (EVs) are making their way onto the roads at a greater number than ever. Even worldwide, these cars...

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