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Commercial EV charging stations play a vital role in expanding the infrastructure needed for electric vehicles to become a more practical and convenient choice for transportation. Their development and widespread deployment are crucial for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting cleaner transportation options.

Maintaining a fleet of vehicles can be expensive for businesses.  The cost of maintenance and repairs add up and with gas prices as high as they are, filling up the vehicles can be a major expense.  One way that businesses are reducing the cost of maintaining their vehicle fleets as well as their carbon footprint is by switching to electric vehicles.

For businesses that make the switch to electric vehicles for their fleet, it helps to have charging stations on-site to have their vehicles ready to go.  Nu-Trend provides commercial EV charging station installation services for businesses in Chicago, IL.  Our professionals are certified to install level 3 charging stations for commercial use so that businesses can attract more EV owners or reliably and efficiently charge their vehicle fleet.

Level 3 EV Charger Installation in Chicago, IL

Commercial Electric car charging station in apartment buildings' parking garage

Businesses that rely on their vehicle fleet must always have their vehicles ready.  In order to have their fleet of electric vehicles prepared, it helps to have on-site charging stations.  Level 3 EV chargers are the best option for businesses and commercial settings.

Level 3 EV charging stations, also known as DC fast charging stations, are the most powerful EV chargers available.  These are the types of chargers used for public charging stations found at gas stations and airports.  Level 3 EV chargers can charge 80 percent of the battery in just 30 minutes which allows for fast, efficient charging for commercial fleets.  However, it is important to keep in mind that overcharging vehicles with level 3 charging stations could negatively impact the life and performance of the battery.

Commercial EV Charging Stations in Chicago, IL

Level 3 charging stations require professional installation.  At Nu-Trend, our professionals are certified to provide quality installation for level 3 EV charging stations in commercial settings.

With the increasing adoption of electric vehicles, smart EV chargers have become an essential amenity for a wide range of industries, including workplaces, event centers, apartments, and more. Our fully-networked and grid-responsive charging stations are designed to optimize your investment in EV infrastructure. They offer best-in-class electric vehicle charging services to your customers, guests, and employees.

Electrician Finishing Installation Of Home EV Charger

We provide commercial EV charger installation for commercial stations:

  • Fast Charging for Apartment Complexes
  • Fast Charging for Grocers
  • Fast Charging for Retail
  • Fast Charging for Gas Stations and Convenience Stores
  • Fast Charging for Hotels
  • Fast Charging for Parking Lots
  • Fast Charging for Your Fleet
  • Fast Charging for Corporate Centers
  • Fast Charging for Commercial Buildings

We will first take the time to understand the needs of your business. This helps us determine the best options for EV chargers for your business that will allow you to conveniently and efficiently electrify your business.  When we install your EV charging stations, we will also inspect your electrical system to ensure that it can meet the power demands of the chargers.  Once the charging stations are installed, we will provide ongoing maintenance and repairs.

Level 3 EV charging stations will benefit your business in the following ways:

Fast charging

You can reduce downtime by quickly charging the vehicles in your fleet with these powerful charging stations.


Having charging stations on-site attract more customers and makes keeping your fleet ready much more convenient.

Increase Revenue

EV drivers may spend more time at your business while their vehicles charge, potentially leading to increased sales and revenue.


The electric vehicles and charging them conveniently on-site help reduce the carbon footprint of your business.

Level 3 EV Charger Installation from Nu-Trend in Chicago, IL

Nu-Trend can help businesses that want to attract more EV owners and have switched their vehicle fleet to electric vehicles with level 3 EV charger installation for efficient, reliable charging.  

You can reach us at (847) 882-1888 for more about our level 3 charging installation services in Chicago, IL, and the surrounding Chicago suburbs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You may have to ask the property management and get approval to have an EV charger installed within the complex.

You can reach out to your electric utility provider to learn more about their electricity rates that may save you money when charging your electric vehicle.

EV chargers come with different wall plugs that may differ in charging speed.  Make sure you choose an EV charger that has the right type of plug for the outlet in your home.  If you want to hardwire your EV charger, talk to our professionals about the installation.

What Our Cients Say


Vil Varadhan

Nu-Trend did a professional installation job for my EV Charger at home. The technician was thorough and put safety first. Although, it was not cheap – The quality of work gives a peace of mind. They took care of City permit etc.


Kevin Gallagher

Updated panel from 100 to 200 A and installed EV charger. Team was very professional. Shane was responsive and ushered through the permit. Dave and Jr did a clean install and were respectful in my home. Would consider them for future electrical work.


Martin Gardner

We had Nu-Trend add an EV charging port to our garage which was organized via Qmert, who contracted Nu-Trend to do the installation. I first met Dave, who came out to inspect the job site and put together a quotation; he is an excellent, Knowledgeable, and professional electrician. Shane at Nu-Trend took care of all the paperwork which includes a work permit from the local council and inspection after installation. Dave and a co-worker who was also excellent came to the house and did the installation in about half a day, the quality of the workmanship was impeccable. The work passed Inspection with flying colors.

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