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Electric vehicles are a sustainable alternative to traditional vehicles that can help cut down on carbon emissions and save costs when it comes to fuel and maintenance.  While the use of electric vehicles (EVs) is growing, they have not been widely adopted yet as most people are still driving traditional vehicles.  One of the reasons for this is because EVs are not as accessible for many drivers.  ComEd is helping to make EVs more accessible and encourage the use of these vehicles with their new EV Charger and Installation Rebate Program.

ComEd Rebate Program for EV Charger Installation by NuTrend EV & Electrical Services

With ComEd’s EV Charger and Installation Rebate Program, ComEd customers in the state of Illinois can receive rebates to help with the costs purchasing and installing a Level 2 EV charging station in their home.  At Nu-Trend, we provide professional installation of Level 2 EV chargers that make you eligible for a rebate from this program.  We will also handle the paperwork for you after the installation is complete to ensure that you get your rebate.

Nu-Trend provides the following electrical services and repairs for homes and businesses:

EV charging station installation

We can install EV charging stations at homes and businesses.

EV charging at home

We can install Level 3 EV charging stations for fast charging at homes as well as Level 2 EV charging stations for overnight charging.

Electrical panel upgrade

Upgrading your electrical panel can improve the safety and efficiency of your electrical system.

Backup generators

We can install backup generators for a reliable backup source of power.

Solar panels

We can provide complete installation of solar panels that includes placement, wiring, and grid integration.

Electrical wiring

We can repair or upgrade the electrical wiring in your home or building for safer, more dependable wiring.

What is the ComEd EV Charger and Installation Rebate Program?

The ComEd EV Charger and Installation Rebate Program offers rebates for residential ComEd customers who own electric vehicles and have Level 2 EV smart charging stations installed in their homes.  The purpose of this program is to help offset the costs of installing a Level 2 EV charger to help make EVs more attainable and encourage the use of electric vehicles. 

The base rebate for this program is $2500 and those who are considered Select Customers can get up to $3750.  To help make EVs more accessible, 50 percent of the funds for this program and the highest rebates are reserved for low-income customers and customers living in communities designated as Equity Investment Eligible Communities (EIEC) by the State of Illinois. 

You can expect the following from our services:


Whether upgrading the electrical system of your home or building, installing solar panels, or adding an EV charging station, the new electrical systems and equipment will help reduce energy consumption and contribute to sustainability.

Project on time

We will work with you to cover the details of your project and create a timeline to ensure that your project is done on time.

Modern technology

We install modern electrical solutions that include the latest technology.

Latest designs

We use the latest design techniques to manage the electrical upgrade to your home or business.

How Can I Qualify?

To qualify for the ComEd EV Charger and Installation Rebate Program, you must have an existing residential ComEd account or have requested ComEd services for new construction, and either have installed or are planning to install at least one Level 2 EV charger.  The EV charger must have been purchased either on or after February 1, 2024, for a single-family home or multi-family home with two units or less.

The Level 2 EV charger you purchase and install must be a “smart,” Wi-Fi enabled charger, ENERGY STAR® certified, and NRTL certified to be eligible.  You must apply for the rebate within 90 calendar days of the completion of the installation.  You can also apply for the rebate before the installation, but the installation of the EV charger must be completed before the application can be finalized and approved.  For the EV charger installation to be considered complete, the charger must be installed, energized, and verified as operational.

The rebate can be used to cover costs including the purchase of the EV charger, contractor labor, electrical panels, conduits, cables, fasteners, and more.  When applying for the rebate program, you must also submit the following materials:

  • Specifications sheet for the EV charger
  • Dated receipt for the purchase of the EV charger
  • Photo of installed EV charger
  • Photo of the serial number of the EV charger
  • Invoice from the EV charger installation contractor
  • Proof of residential ComEd account


Who Qualifies as a Select Customer?

Those who meet all of the qualifications described in the above section can receive the base rebate of $2500.  Those who are considered Select Customers may receive higher rebates of up to $3750.  You can qualify as a Select Customer if you meet the following criteria, as well as the criteria described in the previous section:

  • Low income: Customers are considered low-income (LI) if their income is at or below 80% of the statewide median or below a threshold designated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development based on household income and size.
  • Equity Investment Eligible Community (EIEC): Customers who live in an EIEC, also known as an Environmental Justice/Restore, Reinvest, Renew community (“EJ”/”R3”), are considered Select Customers.

Customers must meet only one of these two criteria, either low-income or living in an EIEC, to be considered a Select Customer and qualify for the highest rebate of $3750.  ComEd will determine the eligibility for higher rebates during the application review.

Must Be a ComEd Customer

As mentioned above, the ComEd EV Charger and Installation Rebate Program is available to ComEd customers with residential accounts.  Customers must be enrolled in one of the following account options:

  • ComEd’s Basic Electrical Service Hourly Pricing (Rate BESH): This is ComEd’s basic hourly pricing program with a time-variant rate.
  • Alternative Retail Electrical Supplier (ARES): If you have a time-variant rate account with an approved ARES in ComEd’s service territory, you can still qualify for the rebate. You must inform ComEd of the ARES so they can confirm that your account with the alternative supplier is eligible for the rebate.
  • Residential Optimization Pilot: More information will be available soon as ComEd is set to launch this program in late 2024.

For more about specific terms and conditions for the ComEd EV Charger and Installation Rebate Program that may not be covered on this page, reach out to ComEd or talk to our professionals at Nu-Trend.

Level 2 EV Charger Installation from Nu-Trend

Electrician Finishing Installation Of Home EV Charger

If you are a ComEd customer and own an electric vehicle, you can benefit from the ComEd EV Charger and Installation Rebate Program by having a Level 2 EV charger installed in your home.  Our professionals at Nu-Trend provide complete home EV charger installation services throughout the Chicago, IL area that includes the installation of Level 2 chargers. 

We can help you choose a Level 2 charger that suits your needs and qualifies for the rebate program.  We will then inspect your electrical system to ensure that it can handle the voltage requirements of your charging station.  During the installation, we can adjust your electrical system to safely accommodate the charger and ensure that the charging station is properly installed.  The Level 2 EV chargers we install can give your vehicle a full charge overnight, and they can save you up to $1000 a year compared to using public charging stations.

At Nu-Trend, we not only help you choose and install a Level 2 EV charger, but we also help with the application process for the ComEd EV Charger and Installation Rebate Program.  We will make sure the charging station you choose is eligible for the rebate and we can help with the paperwork for the application and even bill ComEd the cost. 

For more information about our Level 2 EV charging installation services or the ComEd EV Charger and Installation Rebate Program, call Nu-Trend at (847) 882-1888.

What Our Cients Say


Vil Varadhan

Nu-Trend did a professional installation job for my EV Charger at home. The technician was thorough and put safety first. Although, it was not cheap – The quality of work gives a peace of mind. They took care of City permit etc.


Kevin Gallagher

Updated panel from 100 to 200 A and installed EV charger. Team was very professional. Shane was responsive and ushered through the permit. Dave and Jr did a clean install and were respectful in my home. Would consider them for future electrical work.


Martin Gardner

We had Nu-Trend add an EV charging port to our garage which was organized via Qmert, who contracted Nu-Trend to do the installation. I first met Dave, who came out to inspect the job site and put together a quotation; he is an excellent, Knowledgeable, and professional electrician. Shane at Nu-Trend took care of all the paperwork which includes a work permit from the local council and inspection after installation. Dave and a co-worker who was also excellent came to the house and did the installation in about half a day, the quality of the workmanship was impeccable. The work passed Inspection with flying colors.

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