EV Charger Installation in Barrington, IL

Are you ready to embrace the future of transportation? As electric vehicles (EVs) become increasingly popular, it’s crucial to have a reliable and efficient charging infrastructure in place.

 At Nu-Trend EV, we specialize in providing professional EV charger installation services for both residential and commercial purposes in Barrington, IL. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to charge your electric car or a business owner aiming to provide EV charging for your customers, employees, or tenants, we’ve got you covered.

ev home charger installation by Nu-Trend EV and Electrical Services

EV Charger Installers in Barrington, IL

Ensuring the safe installation of level 2 and level 3 charging stations is a critical concern, often necessitating additional electrical work. At Nu-Trend, we can provide complete installation of these chargers, and our skilled professionals can handle the required electrical enhancements seamlessly.

Residential EV Charger Installation Process

  • Free Consultation: We’ll start with a consultation to understand your specific needs and goals.
  • Site Assessment: Our team will visit your property to evaluate the electrical system and select the best charging station location.
  • Customized Solution: Based on the assessment, we’ll recommend the ideal EV charger for your home. If needed, we can upgrade electrical panels, rewire and the install new outlets to accommodate the charger efficiently.
  • Installation: Our certified electricians will expertly install the charger, ensuring it complies with safety standards and local regulations.
  • Testing and Commissioning: We’ll test the charger to ensure it operates efficiently and is ready for use.
  • Demonstration: We’ll provide a demonstration to ensure you’re comfortable using your new EV charger.
  • Post-installation Support: We’re here to answer any questions or address concerns you may have after installation.

You can expect the following benefits with the installation of an EV charging station:

Fast charging:






Commercial EV Charger Installation Process

Nu-Trend offers commercial EV charging station installation services in Barrington, IL to help businesses transition to electric vehicles and ensure their fleet is always ready to go. Our certified professionals specialize in installing level 3 charging stations for commercial use, providing businesses with the ability to attract EV owners and effectively charge their vehicle fleet.

  • Free Consultation: We’ll work with you to understand your business’s unique needs, including the number of charging stations required and any specific features.

  • Site Assessment: Our experts will assess your property’s electrical capacity and ideal charger placement.

  • Customized Solution: We’ll design a charging infrastructure that aligns with your business objectives.

  • Installation: Our team will install the charging stations efficiently and ensure compliance with local regulations and safety standards.

  • Network Setup: For multiple charging stations, we’ll configure a network for monitoring and management.

  • Ongoing Support: We offer EV maintenance and support services to keep your charging stations running smoothly


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This depends on your jurisdiction.  If a permit is needed, our professionals at Nu-Trend can help you to secure the proper permits.

You can reach out to your electric utility provider to learn more about their electricity rates that may save you money when charging your electric vehicle.

The cost of installing a level 2 charger will vary depending on whether or not a new electrical outlet or electrical circuit needs to be installed and whether or not the chargers are hardwired. Read More

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Electrician Finishing Installation Of Home EV Charger

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What Our Cients Say


Vil Varadhan

Nu-Trend did a professional installation job for my EV Charger at home. The technician was thorough and put safety first. Although, it was not cheap – The quality of work gives a peace of mind. They took care of City permit etc.


Kevin Gallagher

Updated panel from 100 to 200 A and installed EV charger. Team was very professional. Shane was responsive and ushered through the permit. Dave and Jr did a clean install and were respectful in my home. Would consider them for future electrical work.


Martin Gardner

We had Nu-Trend add an EV charging port to our garage which was organized via Qmert, who contracted Nu-Trend to do the installation. I first met Dave, who came out to inspect the job site and put together a quotation; he is an excellent, Knowledgeable, and professional electrician. Shane at Nu-Trend took care of all the paperwork which includes a work permit from the local council and inspection after installation. Dave and a co-worker who was also excellent came to the house and did the installation in about half a day, the quality of the workmanship was impeccable. The work passed Inspection with flying colors.

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